Molly's 17th Birthday


It's been 4 years now. Four long years of missing her. Tomorrow is April 1 which is when Molly made her debut into this world at 3:45 PM eastern time. This year is especially tricky because of the pandemic, which has forced most of us to stay home till the worst is over. But her family will visit her at the cemetery to honor the day. It's a beautiful cemetery called Blossom Hill.

Please say a prayer for Molly Dolly and for the family that misses her so. And when this pandemic is over, we hope you can enjoy a visit on the Molly bench.

Here is a PDF file of the program from Molly's funeral service.


A Hero Workout for Molly

Molly's mom wrote a post for Patch about the Hero Workouts at CrossFit:

"I belong to a Crossfit Gym here in Concord. This should not be a big surprise to anyone as I talk about it a lot. It was joining White Mountain Crossfit in 2011 that helped lift me out of my depression ... " read more

Miss Cindy's Big Heart

Holiday FlyerMolly's mom wrote a post for Patch about The Concord Dance Academy's Annual Holiday Spectacular!

"It has been part of our life here in my home since Molly and Gracie were three and five. While Molly will remain a 7th grader forever, Gracie is a senior in high school now and dancing in her final Holiday Production. This event, for me has always signaled the official start of the Christmas season. This will be show number three with out Molly." ... read more

Helping Others

Molly in a pink hatMolly's mom wrote this:

I used to love to write. I blogged and wrote articles for the Concord Monitor and here on PATCH. I still write in my head all the time, but these past two and a half years have changed me. For a while I couldn't really speak, let alone write, and then as the dust of Molly's death began to settle and the magnitude of the hole her absence created overwhelmed me, it was too painful to actively think.... Read more on Patch

Molly B Around the World

MollyB on FacebookSometimes when people wear MollyB shirts, they post their photos on this Facebook page called MollyB Around the World. Check it out!

Musical Theatre

Molly loved theatre and dance!

Like Twins

Molly's older sister, Gracie, adored her Molly. They were nearly always together. They liked a lot of the same things. People often thought they were twins.

Little Molly

Molly was curious about so many things. She loved all kinds of crafts. Here she is painting a ceramic photo frame.

The Cemetery

Molly's resting place at Blossom Hill Cemetery is a beautiful place to visit. Molly has lots of visitors all year round.