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Growing communities where every child can feel supported to find their voice and thrive

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Molly's vision to make people happy



Molly’s mission was to make people happy.

Her foundation assures she can continue to do so.

The MollyB Foundation was established to provide children in need the opportunity to find their voice and create happiness through participation in activities that support positive mental health and inclusion.


What's Happening

Discover upcoming opportunities to make a difference and impact positive change within our communities.

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Molly's 21 Birthday

We have special events planned including a 21st Birthday Gala on May 18

STAY TUNED for details

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Mollyb Merch

Share the heart with merchandise featuring the OG logo and our new foundation logo! 

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By Barb Higgins
Paperback available now. Audiobook due soon.

All proceeds go to The MollyB Foundation.

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Molly's 21 Birthday Gala

SAVE THE DATE! May 18, 2024 for Molly's 21st Birthday Gala at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord NH.

mollyb merch shirt mug

Mollyb Merch

Share the heart with merchandise featuring the OG logo and our new foundation logo! 

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By Barb Higgins
Available now in paperback and audiobook.

What we do

How We Help

The MollyB Foundation provides 

  • sponsorship, 
  • donations, and 
  • scholarship support

 to help more children participate in the arts.

Here are a few ways we support the youth and the arts:

  • Host yearly dance and theatre scholarships in Molly’s name for elementary through high school students
  • Purchase sound and lighting equipment for the local theater community
  • We are an official sponsor of RB Productions theater
  • Provide Pink Violins to Molly’s elementary school
  • Run programs like track camps and supporting children with autism

See how people like you can donate or volunteer.

Students and families who would like to participate in “Theater in the Park”, request a Scholarship, or other support, please Contact us.


Join The Community

Ways to Get Involved

There are so many ways you can contribute! 

Here’s how you can help us change the lives of children – through arts and building community.


Your participation helps us reach more children and/or allows us to fulfill our mission – whether you’re giving support, or getting it.


With each purchase*, you help us share Molly’s story, spreading the word and growing our community and reach.

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Volunteer or become a sponsor so we can help more children in our communities.
Contact us for more information.

When you contribute to The MollyB Foundation, you help to continue Molly’s legacy by giving more kids access to activities and resources that help them thrive.

Molly's Purpose

Who Is Molly?

Molly did not like injustice, and it showed in how she cared for others. 


  • That time she wanted to give her Easter Basket to a refugee student who didn’t get one, so she bought her one.
  • Or how she used her school performance points to buy a scooter for another student whose life circumstances prevented him from earning enough on his own.
  • When she chose a project partner in class who was always teased by others.
  • How she started a reading club on the playground so a classmate would not be alone at recess.

Taken shortly before her death at her final middle school concert, Molly loved playing the violin and participating in orchestra. Her pink violin was a signature statement of Molly’s creativity and fun loving nature.

Molly two weeks before she died. She played Gloria Rasputen in the play Bye Bye Birdie. It was her first significant role and she was so excited to finally feel like she was moving up in the theater world.

Molly’s empathy and deep connection to others was also demonstrated in her love of the arts.

She had fallen in love with theater/dance and music because she found community there. She felt safe being herself.

In her words she said “Mom, I have found my people.” She felt accepted. She felt genuinely at peace.

Molly was happy and she knew she was loved. She always wanted everyone else to feel happiness and joy as she had in her own life.

After Molly died, we started this foundation to help other children live and thrive through the arts.

We know that Molly would be so happy to see her foundation help more children have a safe place to find their voice, support each other, and build community.

Donate Your Way

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