"Purpose Fulfilled"

The MollyB Foundation hopes to extend our reach to our local refugee population as grief and trauma can be eased through participation in the arts. These children touched Molly's heart.

Provided Pink Violins to Molly's elementary school

We have become the official sponsor of RB Productions

Provide yearly dance and theater scholarships to those who can't afford them

Created a Scholarship in Molly's name at Concord High School

Purchased sound and lighting equipment for the local theater community

Molly wanted people to be happy. She was a champion of fairness and justice. She did not like to see people sad. She found great happiness in the Arts. She played violin, sang in the chorus, performed on stage with three different theatre companies and danced 11 of her thirteen years, 8 of them competitively. Her foundation supports children who would benefit from these activities in finding happiness (and dealing with hardships) in their lives. Since her death in 2016 the MollyB Foundations has done the following.

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